CaseIH Agriculture

Case IH combines, Axial-Flow combines, corn heads, chopping corn heads
and platforms at Baker Implement in Arkansas and Missouri

Case IH Axial-Flow® Combines

Case IH Axial Flow CombineWith the fewest drive components, Axial-Flow combines are engineered for simplicity and reliability.
Axial-Flow 5088 Combine
Axial-Flow 6088 Combine
Axial-Flow 7088 Combine
Axial-Flow 7120 Combine
Axial-Flow 8120 Combine
Axial-Flow 9120 Combine

Case IH 3200 and 3400 Series Corn Heads

Case IH Corn HeadDesigned for maximum productivity and rugged reliability at fast, efficient harvest speeds, the 3200 and 3400 Series corn heads are built to handle the toughest GMO corn hybrids.
3206 6-Row Corn Head
3208 8-Row Corn Head
3212 12-Row Corn Head
3406 6-Row Corn Head
3408 8-Row Corn Head
3412 12-Row Corn Head

Case IH 2600 Series Chopping Corn Heads

Case IH Chopping Corn HeadLarge diameter stalk rolls deliver greater capacity and Power Feed stalks into the chopper, for faster harvest speeds.
2606 6-Row Chopping Corn Heads
2608 8-Row Chopping Corn Heads
2608F 8-Row Folding Chopping Corn Heads
2612 12-Row Chopping Corn Heads

Case IH Draper Heads

Case IH Draper HeadsThe combination of a wide range of cutting widths, matched draper delivery openings and variable draper speeds provides uniform crop flow into the combine – for unmatched harvest performance.
2142 Rigid Draper Heads
2162 Rigid Draper Heads
2162 Flex Draper Heads

Case IH 2010 Grain Heads and 2020 Flex Heads

Case IH Grain HeadsFloor profiles that enhance crop flow and improve feeding into the combine – resulting in overall smooth crop flow and reduced wear. The floating cutterbar provides smooth, low pod cutting even in soft field conditions. Full-fingered augers ensure consistent crop feeding even in adverse field conditions.
2010 Rigid Auger 20, 25, 30 FT
2020 Flexible Auger 20, 25, 30, 35 FT

Case IH 2016 Pickup Heads

Case IH Pickup HeadsBelt-type and rake-up pickup heads for Axial-Flow® combines are made to harvest cereal grains, beans, peas, lentils, canola or grass seed.
2016 Belt 14, 16 FT
2016 Rake-Up 14, 16 FT
2016 Grass Seed Special 12, 14 FT

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